A- The renter declares under his own responsability that:

B- he is at least sixteen (16) years of age.

He is legally entitled to drive 50c.c (mopeds) or motorised two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles).

C- mandatory use of crash helmet.


The renter declares and agrees that:

A- he has received adequate instructions or operating the rental vehicle including the operation of the brakes; the throttle starting and stopping the engine: and all other controls.

B- he has examined the vehicle and satisfied himself that it is in good working order: fully equipped and without any damage.

C- the vehicle is the property of the rental company and he will return it to the place of rental exactly when it is due and exactly the same conditions as it was when it was rented.

D- he has been provided with a look and key to secure the vehicle when not in use.

E- MOTORENT MENORCA accepts no responsability for delays produced as a result of breakdown of the Vehicle or from any other cause.

F- should the lessee retain the vehicle more than 1 hour over the official time of return and additional charge will be made of 1 DAY per hour or fraction thereof.

G- should any difference arise in connetion with this contract, both parties will expressly submit to the judges and courts of Mahón, thereby waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.


The renter declares and agrees that:

A- is the only person authorized to operate the vehicle (or second authorized person in this contract) and that in NO CIRCUMSTANCES will he let any one else use it.

B- will comply with all of the traffic and parking laws and regulations of spain. He will be personally responsable for any violations.

c- will not operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicants, in which case it is excluded from any coverage insurance contract.


The renter declares and agrees that:

A- will notify the rental company, inmediately in the case of any accident.

B- will comply with all the terms, conditions, limitations and exceptions of the third party insurance policy taken out by the rental company.

-The acceptance of this insurance by the renter is mandatory and he will not operate the vehicle is such manner so as to make this insurance void. A copy of this policy is available for inspection at the place of rental.

C- will have no claim whatsoever against the rental company any of its employees or any of its insurance companies for any damage to third persons or property, except as specified in the insurance in the insurance policy mentioned in 4-b.

D- will have NO claim whatsoever against the rental company any of its employees or any of its insurance companies for any physical or mental injuries suffered as a result of using the rental vehicle.

E- should any parts be stolen, no matter what the circumstances, the renter agrees to accept full responsibility and promises to pay the rental company.

- In the case of one or various parts of the vehicle being stolen, the cost of replacement, as quoted by the supplier.

F- no refunds of any kind on vehicles returned prior to the end of the rental contract, whatever the event or circumstance.


G- must pay any shipment for delivery and / or return of the vehicle that has not been agreed and paid on the contract. Applied rate based on the time of as the transfer time and place.

all transfers due to falls, accidents or by misuse of the vehicle-refueling must be paid, broken or lost keys, punctures, misuse padlock, are not covered by any insurance available and contracted, third parties or full insurance with franchise.

H- must pay the days that the vehicle gets immobilised by fall, accident or damage after the date specified in the contract.

I-must pay the loss or breakage of keys with a value of 30 € plus delivery charges if necessary.

The lessor, will not refund any unused days due to accidents, falls or any damage caused by the driver or others.

-The lessor reserves the right to terminate the contract if the renter does not comply with the provisions of this contract, with no obligation of any payment by the lessor.

-The rental price and the deposit are determined by the established rate and must be paid in advance by the renter. In no case, the deposit may be used to extend the rental period.

-If the renter wants to keep the vehicle for longer than the time agreed in the contract, written permission must be obtained from the lessor and pay the correspondent fee, if the renter circulates with the contract expired without permission of the landlord, the insurance will be automatically suspended.

-If payment of any amount is made by credit or debit card, the signature of the renter on the terms and conditions of the lease contract, authorises the lessor to charge the full amount to the correspondent card company.


A-Exclusions third-party insurance, this insurance does not cover:

-The damage, loss or any other harm suffered to the equipment, goods or articles carried in the vehicle, and damage to the vehicle itself whatever the circumstances and those mentioned in

section 4G.

-The total or partial loss or damage to the vehicle due to theft and / or vandalism and / or traffic accident if it is attributable to the renter.

-The payment of fines or penalties imposed by the authorities and the consequences of the unpayment.

-Damage to the driver or occupants of the vehicle.

-These damages will be paid by the renter, and instantly paid to rental company.


A-Comprehensive cover insurance of the vehicle with or without excess:

- the tenant may choose to take on the comprehensive cover and it is only valid during the period stipulated and agreed in the rental contract . This full insurance with franchise will cover the cost of repairing the damage suffered by the insured vehicle as a result of a traffic accident or third party acts, either when the vehicle is in use or not, with franchise of €250 in 49c.c until 125c.c and €350 in excess of 125c.c

-Checking the incident and the assessment of their damage will be done in our workshop lessor, with a deadline of 96 hours for pricing and valuations suppliers.

B- This insurance does not cover: Damage affecting tires, inner tubes and metal rims, damage incurred as a result of the circulation of the vehicle by roads unfit for circulation, mechanical damage caused as a result of bad driving or vandalism, for damage to the vehicle and its accessories due to partial or total car fire, robbery or theft of the vehicle and those mentioned in the section 4G, these damages will be paid by the renter.

C- In this type of insurance, the vehicles covered by an insurance with an excess amount appearing in the contract as a deposit / bond, the lessee is liable for the payment of damages caused to the vehicle up to this amount. PEOPLE UNDER 21 YEARS CAN NOT ACCESS THE FULL INSURANCE WITH FRANCHISE.


-In case of breakdown or accident the lessor is not responsible for damages that may directly or indirectly cause to the renter.

-The renter is not authorised to order repairs to the vehicle without the express permission of the lessor.



The renter declares and agrees that he will not violate any of the terms of this rental contract nor any of the insurance policies in effect.

To do so will make the renter, solely and completely, responsable for any losses and damages, either personal or otherwise, caused from such misuse. The renter shall pay the total amount for the replacement, repair budgeted in our workshop before the end of the contract . This amount will be deducted from the bond / deposit paid for the rental / booking the vehicle, returning the difference, if any, or the renter bringing the difference to cover the total damage.


The renter agrees and declares that will be fully responsible for the violations of driving vehicles that were not reglated in this driving license and/or legally drive with the laws of Spain assuming any responsability.